Unity Sprite-to-Mesh converter

For various reasons I've been converting some of my sprites to meshes, the primary of which being lighting effects and shadowing. A couple little tools I »

Orbit Dev Update 27/2

Short post today. Made improvements to the inventory and usable item systems. As a part of this there is now a very rudimentary automatic rifle for »

Orbit Dev Update

Not a huge amount to report this weekend. I've come up with a decent system for modular and conditional animations for things like doors (which automatically »

Orbit dev update

Another reasonably productive weekend. Managed to correct a serious problem with corridor generation - overlapping corridors and rooms would cause invisible walls as a corridor only »

Gym Log - New bench PB

Post Smolov Jr 1RM check today. Followed a reasonably standard warmup process up to about 90% of what I thought my previous 1RM might have been »